Morning Keynote

  • Everyone Leads: Building the Culture of Collective Impact - Presented by Paul Schmitz

    Collective impact requires as much rigor in building the collective as it does in achieving impact. Ultimately, its success requires both leadership and a leadership culture that value inclusion, trust, continuous learning, and accountability. Join internationally known author and speaker Paul Schmitz on a journey through riveting stories of collective impact and community change efforts, while discovering insights sure to change your leadership style. You will leave feeling inspired, motivated and filled with a message of hope.


Morning Concurrent Sessions

  • Ready...Set...Go: Preparing for Collaboration - Presented by Amy Shields, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    Today’s buzzword in philanthropy is collaboration. Yet funders and nonprofits have discovered that achieving consensus—even around shared values or core issues—can be challenging. Organizations that strive for collaboration first need to ensure that they foster an environment that is "collaboration-ready." Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) will present the framework needed to build an internal culture conducive to engaging in effective collaboration.


  • The Power of Places - Presented and Moderated by Julia Taylor, Greater Milwaukee Committee
    Community Placemaking is a people-centered approach to the design and management of public spaces. Now a global movement, yet rooted in the core values of local expertise, civic innovators are using placemaking to connect an area’s economy, arts and culture, and public spaces for the greater good of the community.Join this session to learn more about how to increase civic engagement, integrate economic sectors, and generate sustainable community wealth by utilizing the assets of a specific place. For example, a consortium of local partners is currently collaborating on the Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development Project in the Riverworks area. The project’s goal is to enrich the lives of residents by promoting health, well-being and prosperity through increased circulation of resources, ideas, and creativity. As a vibrant public space, the trail serves as a powerful symbol of access and equity.

    • Panelists Include:
      Ellen Gilligan, Greater Milwaukee Foundation
      Darryl Johnson, Riverworks Development Corporation
      Bob Sorge, Madison Community Foundation


  • The Intersection of Creativity and Grantmaking - Presented and Moderated by Bill Somerville, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
    Whether you are a nonprofit trying to navigate websites, articulate your case, and prepare follow up reports; or a funder buried in your grant review process, today’s grant funding environment can be daunting. Indulge in this potentially game-changing discussion with author and consultant Bill Somerville as he explains "venture philanthropy" such as quick response grants and paperless giving. Then, hear from a panel of funders who have implemented innovative ways to enhance efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness.

    • Panelists Include:
      JoAnne Anton, Herb Kohl Philanthropies
      Salli Martyniak, Forward Community Investments
      Sandi Roehrig, Fond du Lac Area Foundation


Executive Leadership Lunch for Senior Staff and Trustees (Sorry...CLOSED)

  • Nonprofit Investments: Aligning Organizational Mission with Financial Outcomes - Presented by Darius Gill, Deborah L. Kasemeyer, and Emily Lawrence, The Northern Trust Company
    Increasingly, nonprofit organizations are faced with how to align and execute their mission with critical business decisions. From selecting a supplier or money manager, to identifying portfolio investment criteria, to deploying capital for mission-related investing, missions and values can collide with performance and outcomes.Come for lunch with your executive management peers and join Northern Trust for an overview of the spectrum of responsible investing strategies—from Socially Responsible to ESG to Impact—as well as a lively discussion on how the use of these strategies is growing among nonprofit organizations.


Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

  • From Trends to Treasures: Understanding Today's Philanthropic Landscape - Presented by Angela White, Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates
    What motivates high net worth households to give—or to stop giving? How do gender differences impact your success with donors? What’s the best way to engage Millennials, those from the Greatest Generation, and everyone in between? Hear the latest philanthropic strategies and share practical ideas designed to reach the untapped capacity of women’s philanthropy, generational giving, and other trends. Participants will take away practical techniques they can incorporate right away.


  • Once Upon a Time...How to Tell Stories of Impact - Presented by Megan McGee, Ex Fabula
    True stories are a critical communication tool for both nonprofits and funders. Ex Fabula, a Milwaukee nonprofit that strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling, excels in teaching organizations how to identify, craft and share meaningful stories of impact. Discover how the brain processes personal stories, learn the elements of an effective story, and explore techniques to collect and leverage them within your organization. This energetic session will combine lecture, hands-on activities and real-life stories to create an interactive experience.


  • The Racial Kaleidoscope: Achieving Equity - Panel Discussion - Moderated by Steve Goldberg, retired, CUNA Mutual Group Foundation
    Applying a racial equity lens to philanthropy sharpens funders’ insights and encourages nonprofits to identify new solutions for their priority areas. Whether committed to enhancing equity in your grantmaking organization, or seeking funding for programs targeting diverse populations, you will be inspired by this lively discussion of equity in philanthropy. Hear from a panel of practitioners who will present their success in incorporating a racial equity lens while advancing their mission, and take home practical tools for enhancing your organization’s racial equity success.

    • Panelists Include:
      Darlene Russell, Greater Milwaukee Foundation
      Sabrina Robins, Ph.D., ManpowerGroup Solutions


Afternoon Keynote

  • United We Stand; Divided We Fall - Presented by Robert Egger
    Today’s nonprofit organizations and funders often find themselves in a vacuum. Both are dedicated to addressing community needs and each has something vital to contribute, but may find it challenging to collaborate in programming and problem solving.Robert Egger sees the philanthropic community as a giant ecosystem, not siloed islands standing alone. Each participant has a role to play; that role is enhanced when it recognizes—and respects—the others.As the Founder and President of L.A. Kitchen and the leader of the D.C. Central Kitchen for 24 years, Robert has seen first-hand the power of an idea and how much can be accomplished when everyone is working toward a common goal. Come hear his story of how these kitchens, which recover locally sourced food to fuel a culinary arts training program for individuals leaving foster care or incarceration, have helped meet critical hunger needs while creating jobs.



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