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  • Peak Grantmaking Workshop
    November 13, 2018
    8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Take your grantmaking skills to the PEAK with WPN’s upcoming unique professional development offerings!

Formerly the Grants Managers Network, PEAK Grantmaking is a member-led organization “of, by and for grantmakers.” Their new name reflects their commitment to taking grantmaking to new heights.

WPN members and other Wisconsin funders are invited to join us for this day of inspired learning dedicated to elevating innovative, effective practices.

AM Sessions

  • Project Streamline - Essential Principles & Key Practices

A grantmakers’ application and reporting practices are often the first – and sometimes the only – thing that a grantseeker or grantee organization experiences as evidence of what the grantmaker cares about. When your application, monitoring, and reporting practices are burdensome, redundant, or confusing, they waste time and money for your grantseekers and your staff – and they probably don’t support your strategy or values as well as they could.

Join this interactive and practical exploration of streamlining principles and practices. We will review Project Streamline’s research on what matters most to grantmakers and grantseekers and discuss specific strategies and practical ideas for overcoming common barriers, resistance to change, and making streamlining changes in your own organization.

During this workshop, participants will:

- Explore how current systems of application and reporting may be creating unnecessary burdens

- Learn more about streamlining changes that make the biggest difference to grantseekers.

- Share stories and lessons-learned about efforts to streamline grantmaking practices

- Create action plans for making concrete changes to application and reporting practices.

  • The Right Time to Right Size: A Project Streamline Workshop

Right-sizing is one of the four core principles of Project Streamline, a project of PEAK Grantmaking that identifies challenges, proposes solutions, and develops resources to help funders streamline.

When grantmaking is right-sized, the information, due diligence, and reporting requirements are proportionate to the size of the grant, appropriate to the type of grant, and take into consideration prior relationships with grantees. When right-sizing isn’t in place, the process is more burdensome for both the grantmaker and the grantseeker.

In this workshop, participants will

- Explore the benefits of right-sizing the application process for the type of grants you’re making

- Discuss how your foundation staff is using monitoring and reporting practices to track and achieve impact

- Help you focus on building strong and trusting relationships with your grantees.

PM Sessions

  • Revisit Reporting

Whether reports are used for simple accountability purposes, to have good stories for the board, to build a relationship with the grantee, to make future funding or strategy decisions, or to build a field, the questions we ask should be purposeful – and the information should be used!

Too often, funders are missing the connections, lessons, and relationships that grant reporting could and should be making. Reviewing and responding to a grant report can be a critical part of an ongoing conversation between a grantmaker and its nonprofit partners. Reporting can be designed and deployed to benefit the shared work of the funder and grantee.

Participants will review a framework for decision-making about reporting requirements and hear real-world examples of reporting processes that are changing the way foundations understand their own impact.

During this workshop, participants will:

- Complete pre-work to help them understand their current reporting process

- Review findings about the current status of grant reporting

- Diagnose their current reporting processes and create an action plan for improving their practice.

- Strategies and examples for making reporting meaningful and streamlined – for grantees and grantmakers.

  • Why Demographic Data Matters

For philanthropy to advance equity in all communities, especially low-income communities and communities of color, it needs to be able to understand the demographics of the organizations being funded (and declined), the people being served, and the communities impacted. That data should be used to assess practices and drive decision making.

Less than half of grantmakers collect demographic data, and there are many myths and barriers that prevent this data collection. More work is needed to help both grantmakers and nonprofits understand the importance of demographic data in assessing outcomes.

In this workshop, participants will:

- Learn more about the four questions all grantmakers should ask: what demographic data should be collected; how should it be collected; how should it be interpreted, and how should it be used in their work?

- Review the myths and barriers that keep grantmakers and nonprofits from collecting and acting on this information

- Learn how to “make the case” at your own organization for improving or implementing demographic data collection



This is a FUNDERS ONLY event.

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Workshop starts promptly at 9:00 a.m.



Contact Amanda Buckley, Director of Program Development, or call her directly at 262.317.6005.


PEAK Grantmaking workshop will be held in the American Family Training Center (A Building, North Café). See Map for details.





6000 American Parkway, Madison, Wisconsin, 53783, United States