Wisconsin Impact Investing Collaborative

What they do: Harness the Power of Investment Capital to Build Vibrant Communities across Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Impact Investing Collaborative aims to educate, support and engage regional investors and stakeholders to invest capital in ways that create inclusive, vibrant and sustainable communities throughout the state of Wisconsin.

What is Impact Investing?

Impact Investing aims to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. Impact investments enable philanthropic investors to amplify the impact they can achieve through grants, and all investors to bring their investment assets into alignment with their values.

Why Impact Investing?

Accelerate and Scale Impact: Wisconsin's most pressing issues and opportunities require more resources than philanthropy alone can provide. Impact Investing taps into a larger pool of capital, while providing returns for subsequent investments or grants.

Promote Inclusive Economies: As investors, they influence how communities, economic sectors and business approaches can thrive in Wisconsin's economy. Impact Investing is a tested way to strengthen communities, foster innovation and advance inclusive and environmentally sustainable economies across the state.

Target Impact: Impact investing allows targeting impact to local communities and regions. Wisconsin's impact investors are collaborating to ensure that their investments can positively affect businesses, nonprofit organizations and families throughout the state's urban, rural and tribal communities.

Read more about this initiative and what you can do to get involved here.