Membership Dues & Applications

All prospective members should review the full eligibility criteria to determine an organization’s eligibility for membership.

Calculating Membership Dues

For most memberships, select the grant range that best describes your Wisconsin total grant distribution for the last fiscal year. 

To apply for membership based on grants paid:

Complete and return the membership application to Michelle St. Clair

Membership Dues Graphic - Asset Range

Community, healthcare, and higher education foundations can calculate their dues based on their assets. (For healthcare and higher education foundations, “assets” references dollars dedicated to philanthropic endeavors, i.e. scholarships, grants, and sponsorships.)

To apply for membership based on your total net assets:

Complete and return the new membership application based on assets to
Michelle St. Clair.

Special funding groups can calculate their dues based on the below support levels.

Membership Dues Graphic - Funding Group

To apply for membership based on a special funding group:

Complete and return the Membership Application to
Michelle St. Clair.

Non-Solicitation Policy

WPN meetings and activities are not to be used to solicit grants, to solicit for professional services, or to promote any products, services, or events. This ensures a comfortable, respectful atmosphere in which professional relationships can be maintained. Members or guests who violate this non-solicitation policy will be excluded from future WPN events and may not qualify for membership renewal.


Please contact Michelle St. Clair, Director of Member & Resource Development, at