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Wisconsin Philanthropy Network has many leadership initiatives which convene members and the public around common agendas.

Read more about our leadership initiatives below.

Endow Wisconsin creates the opportunity to hold onto assets to help communities grow, change, and be the places where future generations want to live, work, and thrive. This legislation will encourage Wisconsin citizens to invest in their home communities. Those who contribute to the permanent endowments of local community foundations would receive a tax credit. Providing a tax credit inventive to promote giving to permanent endowments has worked in other states. Read more
This program is designed to support outstanding nonprofit leaders as they seek to strengthen their organizations by creating a network of empowered, innovative, and resilient leaders, capable of navigating change with the skills and tools necessary to move their organizations toward greater impact. Read more.
This program aims to educate, support, and engage regional investors and stakeholders to invest capital in ways that create inclusive, vibrant and sustainable communities throughout the state of Wisconsin. Read more.
This program was launched in 2016 to fundamentally do things differently- not pressing the reset button repeating what's always been done and expecting different results. The WiLD Project has trained over 1,000 leaders from diverse backgrounds and focus issues through our 2.5-day organizing trainings and WI budget action workshops. Read more.