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Civil Legal Aid in Wisconsin and its Relationship to Philanthropy 
February 22, 2023 

Everyone should have the opportunity live in stable housing and enjoy a safe, independent life. But our social and legal systems carry with them prejudices of our past and present. Unforeseen barriers can perpetuate injustice and are often complex. In fact, when there’s a legal aspect to such barriers, they can be impossible to resolve without an attorney. Civil legal aid organizations help turn around cycles of injustice by providing legal advice, representation, and information to people facing major challenges. During this virtual session, Wisconsin Trust Account Fund staff Benson Gardner and Becky Murray were joined by Bobby Peterson (ABC For Health), Rachel Fox Armstrong (Legal Action of Wisconsin), and Courtney Jiles (Roots and Wings Foundation) to share about civil legal aid in Wisconsin and how it relates to social justice, housing and income stability, health and independence, and other philanthropic goals. During this session, WisTAF also previewed findings from a new study on the impact of civil legal aid on Wisconsin’s economy. 

Rural Funders Round Table – Q1 
February 16, 2023 

During this virtual session, WPN was joined by Marie Barry and Tim Size from the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) to discuss the connections between communities' economies and health outcomes/access. As leaders all across Wisconsin work to grow their understanding of social determinants of health, this session took a deep dive into how economic opportunity, or the lack there of, influences individual health outcomes as well as impacts systemic healthcare delivery in rural areas. Presenters discussed how multi-sector collaborations, including philanthropy, are vital for the future economic strength and health of rural communities.  

Impact Investing Roundtable – Q1 
February 15, 2023 

Lincoln Nebraska’s affordable housing story is the product of public, private, philanthropic, and nonprofit partnerships. Over the past few years, Lincoln Community Foundation, City of Lincoln, and Community Development Resources (local CDFI) have come together to develop a shared understanding of the affordable housing problems in their community and work towards potential solutions. You can read more about this initiative here. On February 15, Alec Gorynski, President of Lincoln Community Foundation and Farshad Maltes, President and CEO of Community Development Resources discussed their partnership, the role impact investing (and grants) have played in its success, and how and why the community foundation chose a local CDFI as an emissary to advance the growth and development of affordable housing. 

The Essentials of Good Governance 
February 9, 2023 

This program was presented as part of a 2023 Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy Webinar Series hosted by the National Center for Family Philanthropy. Governance, a system for who will make decisions and how, is the guiding framework for your family philanthropy’s long-term success. There are many governance constructs that support an effective board, and different methods to engage family within each construct. But what are the common elements that contribute to an effective board across all governance constructs? This webinar provided the “nuts and bolts” of good governance, including common policies and practices, strategies for how to build an effective board and decision-making framework, the core roles and responsibilities of board members, and best practices for managing meetings, strategy conversations, and other concrete aspects of governance. 

Equity Funder Learning Community – Q1 
February 7, 2023 

During this virtual session, Alyssa Kenny discussed digital equity efforts embedded in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – which provides $65 billion to connect all Americans to high-speed broadband internet that is both affordable and reliable. While a significant portion of these funds will be allocated to direct infrastructure investments, a portion of these dollars will be used to promote digital equity efforts – in partnership with key community stakeholders in Wisconsin.  As part of this presentation, Alyssa also highlighted a Digital Equity and Inclusion Stakeholders Group focused on growing and strengthening Wisconsin’s Digital Inclusion Ecosystem. You can read more about the goals of this group on slide ten of the deck linked below. Reach out to Alyssa directly for more information (Alyssa.kenney@Wisconsin.gov).  

2022 State of Philanthropy Tech: Trends and Key Findings 
January 24, 2023 

Maryland Philanthropy Network, Council of New Jersey Grantmakers, Florida Philanthropic Network, Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Philanthropy Network, NY Funders Alliance, and North Carolina Grantmakers hosted an interactive webinar with Chantal Foster, Executive Director of Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) and TAG Survey Committee Member, Tess Hanrahan of the Hewlett Foundation, that explored technology trends in philanthropy just in time for 2023 planning. TAG cultivates the strategic, equitable, and innovative use of technology in philanthropy. Their work builds knowledge, strengthens networks, and advances the social sector.   

2022 Wisconsin Gives Report Release Webinar  
January 18, 2023 

The 2022 Wisconsin Gives Report provides readers with an in-depth look at the state’s philanthropic sector. The biennial report explores the significant role philanthropy plays in responding to community challenges. It provides an analysis of survey results from Grantmakers across Wisconsin along with data and trends from national studies, statewide philanthropic best practices, and benchmarks. This year Wisconsin Philanthropy Network partnered with the Center for Community & Nonprofit Studies (the CommNS) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Co-Create to gather data for the report. 

On January 18, attendees were joined by WPN President and CEO Tony Shields and CommNS Associate Director for Engaged Research, Amy Washbush, PhD for a presentation of the 2022 Wisconsin Gives Report findings.  

Philanthropic Purpose, Motivations, and Values 
January 12, 2023  

This program was presented as part of a 2023 Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy Webinar Series hosted by the National Center for Family Philanthropy. For your philanthropy to be meaningful and effective, it is important to define, refine, and periodically revisit your philanthropic purpose: to understand your motivations for giving, the collective values that guide your philanthropy, and establish clarity around the various priorities and approaches your family will utilize in its giving. This interactive program was designed to both guide families through initial conversations about purpose, motivations, and values, as well as lead families through the process of revisiting or refreshing their existing purpose and shared values. Review this program to refine the “why” behind your philanthropy and connect your philanthropic purpose to the broader change you wish to see in the world.  

Giving Circles: A Powerful Path to Community Impact at Your Institution  
January 10, 2023 

Curious about giving circles and how the model can help your organization increase community engagement, diversify your donor base, create close connections with local, grassroots nonprofits, and embed your organization’s mission further into the community? During this one-hour webinar, Philanthropy Together shared an overview on the benefits of giving circles and how your institution can successfully and sustainably host giving circles, building off more than a decades’ worth of research. Participants also heard from a guest speaker at a Community Foundation who went through the  program, Launchpad For Hosts, an incubator and leadership development training for Community Foundation and other philanthropic intermediaries looking to host giving circles. 


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