A Sharper Focus: 2019 Education Philanthropy Report

Our newly published Education Philanthropy Report, A Sharper Focus, describes our organization’s 2019 grantmaking aimed at promoting success in postsecondary education and workforce training. This showcases our refined grantmaking strategy which focuses on increasing equity for learners from low-income backgrounds.

Last year we committed $108 million in grants to a variety of networks, postsecondary institutions, research organizations and other partners, the highest total in our history. The report outlines our work on our four new focus areas, launched in 2019: Removing Systemic Barriers to Success, Streamlining Transitions, Expanding Higher Education in Prison, and Developing Rural Education and Workforce Training.

As you will read in the report, we strive to address barriers that arise at every stage of the student journey, from enrollment to completion and preparation for workforce success. We apply a strategy to fund initiatives at every point in development, from exploring innovative ideas to scaling proven interventions. We’re working for changes at the system level so that the power of postsecondary education can be realized.

We rely on the support and thought partnership of our grantees and funders/key stakeholders in the field to help make our work possible. Thank you for your support, and all the work you do.

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