Herb Kohl Philanthropies to fund all Wisconsin teacher requests on DonorsChoose.org

According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, Wisconsin teachers who posted a request for their classrooms on the education crowdfunding site DonorsChoose.org will have woken up to a pleasant surprise this Tuesday morning.

Every single request solicited by a Wisconsin educator on DonorsChoose.org has been fully funded by the charitable group Herb Kohl Philanthropies, which is affiliated with former U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) As of 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, nearly 700 projects in 140 districts were funded by Herb Kohl Philanthropies on DonorsChoose.org and roughly 600 Wisconsin teachers will receive materials for their 43,000 students as a result. All the requests funded on DonorsChoose.org amount to $500,000.

“As the new school year kicks off, we are thrilled to support all of the classroom projects currently posted by teachers right here in Wisconsin," Kohl said in a statement. "We owe a lot to our teachers and hold enormous hope for our students. They are both a constant source of inspiration."

Through DonorsChoose.org, teachers can publish requests for materials for classroom projects, and donors around the country can choose to contribute. Herb Kohl Philanthropies funded all live Wisconsin projects on the crowdfunding site on 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.

Of all the requests financed through the flash funding on Tuesday, 224 projects, 157 teachers and 13,000 students from Milwaukee Public Schools were impacted.

“MPS is grateful for this generous gift from Herb Kohl," Darienne Driver, superintendent of MPS, said in a news release. "The funding of these requests allows our teachers to be effective in their approach to instruction and to provide expanded learning opportunities for our young people."

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