Strategic Grants Supporting Health Equity

Rock River Community Clinic

GWCHF was pleased to provide a $40,000 grant to the Rock River Community Clinic to support an electronic medical record system. This will enable staff to better and more efficiently serve patients at their medical and dental clinics in Watertown, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson and Whitewater.

Community Response Program

Community Response is a program that provides short-term, preventative coaching and support to high-risk families through responsive social work. It is designed to prevent child maltreatment and neglect by targeting specific risk factors before a family is referred to Child Protective Services (CPS). In Dodge County's first year implementing the program, 70 families were served and the total number of screened-in CPS cases decreased by 25 percent. GWCHF is pleased to award $76,250 for each of two more years, for continued program delivery in Dodge County.