Policy Work & Philanthropy Training Series

Stepping Up to the Public Policy Plate...If you're not at the table, you're on the menu

The Importance and Rules Surrounding Policy Work & Philanthropy

DFW’s Policy Works Committee invites staff and trustees of grantmaking organizations to join them for a discussion of the basics of advocacy and grantmaking. Whether your foundation has an interest in education, poverty, health, economic/ community development or the environment, this is an opportunity to learn more about advocacy and how public policy work can help you accomplish your mission.

Join colleagues to learn how and why foundations engage in advocacy, and the scope and extent of permissible activities. This interactive session will define advocacy and illustrate its importance and relevance to foundations; discuss advocacy grantmaking; explore the challenges and constraints; and, address questions such as:

  • What is advocacy?
  • Why is advocacy important to furthering your foundation’s work?
  • What’s legal and what’s not?
  • Can your foundation take a stance on a piece of legislation? Should you?
  • How can funders support grantees that engage in advocacy?

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