City Forward Collective Spotlight

Every family in Milwaukee deserves access to high-quality schools that equip students to choose a direction for their life.

Right now, access to this kind of opportunity falls along lines of race and income. During COVID-19, existing opportunity gaps have deepened.

City Forward Collective exists to end these inequities. We employ a four-part strategy created with significant input from a diverse group of stakeholders:

  • Organize parents and caregivers to build a movement to advocate for quality schools

  • Advocate for policies that eliminate educational inequities and ensure quality schools thrive

  • Recruit, train, and retain strong, culturally competent teachers and school leaders with an emphasis on more Black and Hispanic/Latino people in those roles

  • Strategically invest and channel philanthropic dollars to increase the number of seats in high-quality schools

When COVID-19 forced school buildings closed, we quickly adapted our existing programs for a digital environment and dramatically increased our offerings. Among our responses: We hosted more than 1,100 school leaders and 700 teachers in workshops focused on best practices for virtual learning and COVID-19 school safety, and we awarded more than $300,000 in COVID-19 planning grants to 14 schools and networks.

Looking toward 2021, we are excited to launch our community organizing and parent training programs; publish our inaugural State of Milwaukee Education Report; graduate the first cohort of our new Principal Managers Program; and more – all focused on ensuring every community member makes it through this difficult time prepared to share in our city’s bright future.

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