Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation supporters heard about the “opportunity gap” from Dr. Robert Putnam of Harvard University

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In May 2015, Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation were honored to welcome to the Twin Ports one of the world's leading social scientists who is tackling what many regard as the most important issue facing our country.

Dr. Robert D. Putnam of Harvard University shared his research and thoughts about solutions to the "opportunity gap," the subject of his new best-selling book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis.

Just before Dr. Putnam addressed the crowd at the Community Foundation's Annual Celebration, he sat down with them to produce a short video about his work, its relevance to their community and how he believes places like Duluth-Superior can help lead the nation out of the crisis presented by the growing gap between rich and low income children.


Click here to watch Robert D. Putnam speaks in Duluth about "Our Kids"DSA CF Watch Dr. Robert Putnam Video

Dr. Putnam provides an uplifting and encouraging message about how we all can play a role, individually and through organizations like the Community Foundation, to make a difference in the lives of all of our kids.