For Incourage Community Foundation, progress continues for their Tribune Building Project

The Tribune Building Project began in December 2012 when Incourage Community Foundation purchased a historic property along the Wisconsin River with the intent that residents would decide its future use. From the beginning, this was about more than the building. It is a demonstration of a resident-centered process toward realizing Incourage's vision of a community that works well for all people. To date, over 800 residents have invested more than 5,500 hours in public meetings.Incourage Community Foundation

Progress Continues

As a special invitation to the community, Incourage has planned a series of pre-construction tours of the Tribune building hosted by Helen Jungwirth, former Incourage Board Chair and retired publisher of the Daily Tribune.

As another special invitation, they invite the community to request a “Tribune 101” presentation for a network of friends and family, community organization, or workplace.

With construction beginning this Fall, there are still plenty of opportunities – like learning events and planning meetings – to become involved before the building opens in Fall 2016.

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