Donors Forum of Wisconsin is NOW Wisconsin Philanthropy Network

Effective May 19, 2015, Donors Forum of Wisconsin is now Wisconsin Philanthropy Network.

Wisconsin Philanthropy Network more fully expresses our mission and visionĀ for the future without deviating from the values and principles that our organization has embraced over the past 37 years. Although our name has changed, our philosophy remains the same and we will continue to be knowledgeable, ethical, collaborative and transparent.

As we embark on our new path as Wisconsin Philanthropy Network, it is an exciting time to think big and to be courageous in our decisions to be more responsive, inclusive and strategic in our role as your partner for effective giving.

Wisconsin Philanthropy Network is a professional membership association of grantmakers in Wisconsin. Our members represent grantmaking foundations and corporate giving programs that make competitive grants to unaffiliated grantseekers or beneficiaries in Wisconsin. Membership is also open to donor-advised funds and private funders.

Members take advantage of opportunities to be more effective in their charitable giving. With membership, a Wisconsin grantmaker can enhance their professional skills, access free resources and request custom research, and make connections to peers.

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