PEAK Grantmaking calls on grantmakers to assess their systems and adjust them to minimize bias, reduce disparities, and become more inclusive.

Structural bias is rooted in policies and practices that advantage some people and disadvantage others. Sitting at the intersection of power and privilege in the philanthropic sector, grantmakers have a unique responsibility to implement practices that promote equity and inclusion.

Grants management professionals have the power to ensure that policies and practices give marginalized communities true philanthropic support, rather than add to existing inequities.

At the same time, board members and senior leaders should work to increase the diversity of grant decision-makers and strengthen the trust between donors and their communities.

  • What approaches can you use to mitigate the impact of bias on your grant decisions?
  • How can the demographic data you collect support insight, impact, and equity?
  • How can you bring a diversity of voices into grantmaking decisions?
  • How can you find and support organizations led by those most impacted by an issue?

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