WPN’s 2016 Wisconsin Gives Report Released

2016 Wisconsin Gives Report

Capturing the Impact of Philanthropycover

As Wisconsin’s premier resource for philanthropy, Wisconsin Philanthropy Network (WPN) is committed to ensuring that Wisconsin funders remain informed of current local, regional, national and international trends, sample metrics and benchmarks, best practices, and other data and research. As WPN’s signature publication, the 2016 Wisconsin Gives Report plays a vital role in the organization’s mission to advance and promote effective philanthropy by ensuring that Wisconsin grantmakers have the data, analysis and resources needed to make sound funding decisions and maximize the impact of support awarded throughout the state.

Historically, WPN accomplished this by compiling information from numerous national studies and data sources. However, since minimal Wisconsin-focused data is available due to limited statewide research, WPN enhanced this year’s report by undertaking a qualitative and quantitative study of Wisconsin grantmakers, seeking feedback on the type and level of support awarded, their projections for the upcoming fiscal year and their perception of the overall status of Wisconsin nonprofit service organizations.

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